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Volunteering vs. Violence – let’s turn theory into practice

Volunteering vs. Violence – let’s turn theory into practice

Deadline: 20 June 2021
Open to: +18 years old, from Albania, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, Macedonia, Russia, Spain, Poland
Location: Poznan, Poland, 4-11 July 2021


Erasmus+ youth workers’ mobility project (TC) “Volunteering vs. Violence – let’s turn theory into practice” Creative Camp Content: Visual Thinking, Nonviolent Communication (Marshal Rosenberg Method), Simulation Games Maker. One World Association- SCI Poland is happy to open application process for the project “Volunteering vs. Violence – Let’s turn theory into practice” – Creative Camp aimed to built simulation game about Nonviolent Communication and Conflict Resolution.
During 6-days of Creative Camp we are going to create an educational simulation game that aims to help individual participants and organizations talk about violence, give examples of preventative grounds, and think about solutions to conflict or violence situations. Educational materials created during the project are to be a complement to the game, but they can also be the basis for starting discussion and working on the attitudes of individual participants and groups. Materials and the game are to be a way to relieve tensions and violence that affects people and nature, using the proven method of Non-Violent Communication” and new methods such as Visual Thinking. A very important point of the project is testing after camp with group you work with and adapting it to their needs. The game will have the main axis, but the refinement will depend on the participants in the project. Participants from following countries can take part in the project: Albania, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, Macedonia, Russia, Spain and Poland.

At the project you will:
– learn about the Nonviolent Communication and Visual Thinking methods
– learn how to construct simulation games
– create an educational game based on Nonviolent Communications rules
– talk about violence and find out solutions which can help other people
– have the chance to experiment, exchange and cooperate with each other during and after the creative camp


Feel free to apply, if you:
– are interested in volunteering and have some knowledge on this topic and you are willing to use the results of the training,
– want to create game and test it in your home country;
– are able to communicate well and work in English;
– are at least 18 years old (there is no maximum age)


Food and accommodation for participants will be fully covered for the duration of the Creative Camp. Travel costs will be reimbursed after receipt of original travel documents, up to the maximum amounts indicated in the rules of the Erasmus+ Program. Based on the Erasmus+ distance calculator, the maximum travel reimbursement amounts are: Albania – 275 euro, Bulgaria – 275 euro, Germany – 275 euro, Greece – 275 euro, Italy – 275 euro, Kosovo – 275 euro, Macedonia – 275 euro, Russia – 275 euro, Spain – 275 euro, Poland = 0 euro.

Following your active participation, you will be awarded a YouthPass certificate.

How to apply?

If you are interested in joining the Creative Camp, write on: [email protected]

Official Website: