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SEEYN is Hiring – Project and Capacity Building Manager

SEEYN is Hiring – Project and Capacity Building Manager

Deadline: 10 December 2021
Open to: International applicants
Location: Remote or Sarajevo based


South East European Youth Network is the regional formal peace network that gathers 19 organizations from 12 countries and was established in December of 1999 as a one of 10 regional initiatives supported by Danish MFA through FRESTA program. This happened just 5 months after the NATO bombing and end of the Kosovo war, or just 4 years after the Dayton Agreement when Bosnian war finished as well as during the postcommunism time transition period which was/is traumatic for the part of SEE societies . SEEYN is lucky to have brave young people gathered in the network, who, even though in their early twenties, wanted to confront existing social patterns and cross the ethnical and country borders. It was not an easy journey for them! They had to confront their families, neighbours, friends, community they live in, as well as trust in themselves and those across the border that they are doing the right thing.

SEEYN is a formal CSO Network, with its Secretariat based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the home of 19 respective member organizations from the region and more than 300 youth experts, youth workers and youth activists, as well as more than 2400 active volunteers. We have an operational pool of 70 experts covering more than 30 topics and diverse range of fields. The main legacy of SEEYN is the establishment of the volunteer infrastructure in the SEE region and making volunteering mainstream activity among youth.
During the past 22 years, through Secretariat activities we directly influenced more than 8000 young people;
while indirectly (through member organizations) this number goes over 70 000 young people involved in the
SEEYN label activities.
Philosophy and theory of change behind our work today is based on the hypothesis that in order to have longlasting peace in the region, where young people will have opportunity to develop their full potential, we have to provide services that will encourage young people to change themselves and change the society in which they live by applying democratic and humanity values. We believe that this is possible if young persons from the SEE region are able to: grow their peace building/keeping capacity, develop and apply democracy
competences; become autonomous individuals and financially independent with decent job; change community in which they live by becoming active citizens; participate or are represented in various decision making processes that tackle their life and future.
This is why SEEYN activities are developed around 4 main programme pillars:

1) Peace and Democracy development;
2) Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship;
3) Community Development and Solidarity programs;
4) SEE Bridge – advocacy and cooperation platform.


Qualifications and work experience:
• Bachelor degree in the related field or equivalent work experience;
• 3+ years of experience in project management (especially in EU programmes): communication, conceptualization and development of activities/products, team lead, budget management, monitoring, documentation, reporting
• 3+ years of experience in youth sector is an asset,
• 3+ years of experience and competences in non-formal education, developing and organizing educational activities,
• Experience in organizing international events,
• Experience in working in the SEE region would be an asset,
• Ready to travel throughout the region when needed.

Attitudes and expected behaviours:
• Positive approach towards youth personal and professional development,
• Ready to integrate SEEYN values in their work,
• Ready to establish partnership and close cooperation with member organizations,
• Proactive in development processes of the network and its programs.

• High sense of responsibility, interest in the subjects of the project and commitment,
• High level of analytical competence,
• High level of organisational and administrational skills, as well as attention to procedures,
• High level of time management competence,
• High level of interpersonal competence,
• Proficient English and knowledge of at least one language of the countries where member organizations are based,
• Advanced computer skills (MS Office – Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet);

How to apply?

SEEYN is an equal opportunity employer and all interested candidates that fit to the above-mentioned criteria
are encouraged to apply for the position by submitting following documents:
o Curriculum Vitae,
o Motivational letter that explains why you find yourself good fit for our Network,
o 2 references (name, surname, position and nature of candidate’s relationship with the proposed reference, email address),
Deadline for submitting application is 10th of December 2021. by 17h CET by sending all documents to emails address: [email protected]

For more information please visit the official website.