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Live it Lisbon is back! And with a special edition! Santos Populares Edition!

Live it Lisbon is back! And with a special edition! Santos Populares Edition!

The Live it Lisbon! programme is at last back in 2023 with a special edition happening at the same time as one of the most emblematic celebrations the city of Lisbon has to offer: “Santos Populares” (“popular saints” or “people’s saints”).


As before, it will be 10 days immersed in community life at the heart of Bairro Padre Cruz, northern part of Lisbon (Carnide area) where we will meet new people, develop our knowledge and skills about Portuguese culture, food and help around the neighborhood!

From now on, you can book your participation in this opportunity by completing the application form!

Do not waste time, we can host a limited number of people. You will get a discount if you make your first payment until the end of 1st of April (for more detailed information please consult this page: fees).


The Live it Lisbon! Summer Volunteer Programme is about volunteering, culture, Portuguese culture, food and tourism. Just take a look at the draft schedules below:

Read more about the activities and events here.


A participation fee is required from all the participants to cover the costs of the programme. Due to the current economic situation in Portugal, the government and the local authorities are not able to finance many social projects. Our community is in much greater need than the government can attend to and that is why we decided to invite international volunteers and ask for their contribution. Please note that the Spin Association is a non-profit organisation, and essentially all our funds go back into developing and improving our local community.

The Live it Lisbon! programme costs the participants a maximum standard fee of €390. This cost can be reduced depending on the date of payment. The Live it Lisbon! programme runs a discount offer that is detailed as follows: the total price can be reduced to €350 if the participant makes their first payment before April, the 1st, thus incurring a €40 discount off the maximum standard fee of €390. After the 1st of April, the offer is no longer valid, and each participant must pay the maximum standard fee.

In order to reserve your place on the programme, the participants need to fill in the application form and, after receiving our confirmation e-mail, make the payment of the whole fee (350-390€) or its first instalment (175-195€) to our bank account. If the participant chooses to pay in two instalments, the second one needs to be made in cash on the arrival day.

Read more about the fees and what is included here.

How to apply?

Fill in the application form .

For more information please visit the official website.